Friday, June 15, 2012

guess what....

we're moving!
into a 1930's english style tudor in downtown phoenix's willo district!
isn't she darling?

it's all happened so fast and there's been such a mix of emotions.
more details coming soon. things have been a little hectic.

this past week we've operated like a well-oiled ting machine dividing and conquering everything to get this move done in just 10 days. danny's been the ultimate craigslist deal maker selling a ton of our furniture, handling all the home paperwork and together we've been purging, organizing & packing into the wee hours of the night. you should see my bubble wrapping & danny's label making skills.

by late afternoon today we'll be moved into our new home - well, all the boxes and furniture will be there. then the unpacking and decorating begins, but we're going to ease into that and celebrate mr. ting's 30th tomorrow!

we've always had a soft spot for downtown - especially the historic willo district (where we attend the home tour each year) - and are so excited to live in & explore a new area. new restaurants, new coffee shops, new dry cleaners, new vibes, new neighbors. change is good.

waking up tomorrow am will be neat... new home. a new area. a new decade for danny. a new chapter for us.

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