Sunday, March 13, 2011

tickled pink.

We spent last night ooing and ahhing over Baby Makaela. Only 9 days old and she's already stole our hearts.

She loves to be swaddled tight, hates being naked and does the most adorable thing when she yawns - she finishes each yawn by blowing out like a whistle. We really need to get it on video.

The highlight of the night was watching her instinctively clutch a little toy Earl put in her new hammock. We didn't pose her like that - she really snuggled up to the little baby. Precious.

Mom, dad and doggies are all doing great. Can't wait for our next visit - it won't be long.

{danny attempting to swaddle}

{having sweet dreams}

{checking each other out}

{daddy earl putting together makaela's new hammock}

{double tight grip on her binky}

{skinny little legs}

{ta da! the hammock is perfect}

{cuddling her little baby}

{snug as a bug}

{makaela's older brothers buddy and henry}

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